This morning I have found myself worshiping in the kitchen. I don’t have many words for you today that are not already in the song below. I hope to share this with you that you too may take a moment and worship with all creation.

A couple of weeks ago the looming anniversary of my mother’s passing and her birthday was thick all around me. I had a friend lose her mother, one who’s marriage ended and many who’s children got sick and some that ended up with their three-day-old son in the Hospital. Everywhere I looked there was a pain that seemed to flow from hearts.

I went to church hoping that I would hear a message of hope. One that would lift a bit of the fog and heaviness.

As the music started, my soul cried. Our worship team began to sing, “Are you hurting and broken withing, overwhelmed by the weight of sin?” I lost the power to hold on to all this pain for just a few moments.

I didn’t go to the feet of Jesus at that moment with regrets and wrongs of my own, but with the pain, I carry from someone else that has crept in as bitterness and anger and has set up residency.

This morning as I am worshiping in my kitchen cleaning up before I head to worship at my church I would like to offer you this beautiful song. It has brought me to my knees in a way I didn’t understand possible.

My friends, you may be in pain for any number of reasons. You can find rest in the arms of Jesus. You can find joy when you let go.

May you let go of your pain with me today and worship in the kitchen.