As I headed down the aisle with my three children dressed in their very best of fabrics walked ahead of me, her little silken dress matching their classy crimson bowties, I held my man’s arm and looked up to see my father’s face. He was beaming with joy, tears begging to break free and a smile that lit the room.

The room was warm and felt like home. It was safe and inviting. We decorated with Christmas trees and a fireplace to invoke comfort in each soul attending. My Sarah sang about broken hearts beginning to heal and dad made funny faces at Michelle to keep them both from crying. It worked to keep me from crying too, at least a little bit.

As we all gathered around them, I watched and prayed over them. Praying that this moment won’t fly by, that there would be safety as they drove away but mostly I prayed that as their moments begin to stack up their hearts will heal and grow.

These two beautiful souls have been through so much pain. They have lived with grief for years and wondered if they would find happiness and safety in the arms of another. They have spent time thinking and praying over all their choices and wondering what could have or should have been different.

Now they have another half. Pieces to a puzzle that didn’t know it wasn’t finished. Families that did not know there was more out there to love.

There is always someone to love and someone to love us back. We just have to keep looking for them.

This morning I am sitting in my daddies kitchen while everyone is asleep. It is Christmas morning, and we are a larger family now. It has been a week since the snow began to fall as they drove away from the church, we are somehow the same and different in every way.

Today my words won’t gather to create a large image, but they are coming together with simple detail, adding up to one new and exciting adventure.

My new family.

Merry Christmas and thank you all for your love and support.

May you find the new in your life exciting and Christmas full of love.