This morning I am sitting in my living room listening to piano music while I sit in my blue chair. This chair faces away from our TV, and it’s snuggled into a corner closest to my favorite books, my fireplace and the basket that holds my electric blanket. There is a small wooden table with a candle of Jasmin scented melted wax and a watercolored painted coffee mug full of the deepest roasted beans.

I am reflecting on the last month where I sat in this room widening my perspective and shifting from how I see things to how all of you might be seeing the same moments. I felt it only right to change the location of where I sit while I write out the words that have been collecting in my heart.

I spent twenty-eight days focusing in on perspective. I breathed it in and out. I let it give me life and change me. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard either. After just a couple days of meditating over and around the word, I began to understand it isn’t just a thought it’s physical movement. I realized I could practice the art of perspective like I practice yoga and homeschooling, cooking and creating hot dark espresso.

It became about the slight shift, the deep breathing and the softening of my inner voice. As I was taking each moment to see what my children might be feeling when our homeschool day seemed unending, or that my husband may have just been in a hurry when he forgot to do something I had asked I realized I am not alone in this house. All the detail of how our home runs aren’t all about me nor is it all my fault if something gets neglected or broken down. We are a unit of five. Five perspectives, five souls and five different needs coming together to live out just a couple years together before the three move on to the adventures that will take them away from this place.

The last twenty-eight days practicing the art of shifting my perspective has given me something so very precious. The first pillar of creating joy this year for me is creating the space for this change of perspective. It has been a journey I will continue because I know I am only at the beginning, but sitting in my blue chair and letting the joy rush through me is breathtaking.

Today I have moved from the couch to a chair on the other side of the room. Tomorrow who knows, maybe I’ll find myself on the porch or out at the lake taking my focus from in to out and from narrow to wide.

May you make a shift today to create a space to widen your perspective.