I walked into 21c at 9:45 hoping the yoga class I drug Shannon too was going to help us both feel calm and fill us with light. If the class didn’t do it, I knew the free Mimosas after class would. I introverted against the wall covered in plum fabric until I knew where to put my mat.

The room is round as the yoga students came in they started placing their mats on the three-foot hands carved into the cement floor. We picked out hands and rolled out mats. The buzz in the room was sweet, and then she walked in with more energy than a bunny hopping from mat to mat introducing herself and signing people up for class. Relaxing into her joy as it spread through the room was the first yoga move I practiced that morning.

Lisa has long red hair, she has fire in her eyes and joy in her voice. She laid her mat down in the center of the circle and guided us through a flow of yoga poses I have never seen strung together. I felt the calm I was needing but what I wasn’t expecting was the feeling of home.

I have been daydream and playing with the idea of expanding my yoga practice for about eight months. I have mentioned it to Caleb and a few friends here and there to see what other people thought. I was looking for the confidence I needed to take the step towards myself. What I learned in Lisa’s class that morning was I am the only one that can bring this confidence up in myself.

I sent Lisa a message, which is so not in my normal character, about how her class helped me in so many ways. Telling her that I felt like I was home in a room full of strangers because of her expression of joy and love. I told her I knew in that class I wanted to expand my yoga practice and take myself through yoga teacher training.

I didn’t expect a response so when she messaged back and told me she felt something special in the class but wasn’t sure what it was I knew I had reached out to a kindred spirit.

I have found a strength on my mat that I am hoping to be capable of explaining better as I dance my way through this journey. My body is aching from the classes I have been taking but my mind is clear and my spirit is lifted.

Here on these pages I want to write about what I am learning. The journey to finding my limits and pushing passed them and falling on my head. I want to tell the story as it is taking place. This is my offering to myself, my family and to you.

May my journey of discovery set your self love on its edge and may we discover life together. Grace & Peace

If you find yourself Downtown OKC on a Saterday morning I encorage you to bring your mat and attend Yoga with Art at 21c Museum Hotel. You can also find Lisa at This Land Yoga on NW 23rd St, just above Orange Leaf.