This boy, he is brilliant.

I was 20 years old when I first felt him move around inside me. I knew he was going to be a boy as soon as I took the pregnancy test. Deep within my soul, I was connected to this unique little man.

Maybe it is because he is the first born I don’t know, but he has always been my little man.

One morning I woke up not feeling all that well. I was 27 weeks pregnant and heading to work. It was different than my form of morning sickness had been so far, but I guessed it was just something new. At lunch I called my mom and asked her if I drove to her house would she posable have time to make me some Tomato soup. She was giving me a hard time about being so demanding when I reminded her that it was soup in a can all I needed was for her to heat and add cheese. She laughed at me and made me soup.


I couldn’t shake the nauseation and thinking back I guess Tomato soup wasn’t the best idea. On my way home from work everything just got worse. I called my doctor, and they had me head to the women’s hospital. I thought it seemed a bit dramatic, but I am so glad they didn’t. I had come down with the flu. So a bit of knowledge I was blessed to learn that day, When one who is pregnant can’t stop throwing up one quite posable can go into pre-term labor. I also learned my body doesn’t like the flu nor did it take to kindly to the meds they gave me to stop the once convulsions turned contractions. David and I almost lost our lives at that moment. My heartbeat skyrocketed, and for too many moments the nurse was unable to find Davids. Caleb almost left that hospital room without his family and the people we love came close to grieving our loss and the pain that would have inevitably ensued.


My first experience protecting my son is a story surrounded by four weight walls, cradled with three months spent in bed. Four walls, a 13 inch TV with an attached VCR, and my hope that laying in bed would save his life became my companions. For three months I laid there. It was wonderful for about three days. Then I had watched all the movies I owned. Pre-internet, pre-Netflix and pre-social media I sat wondering if I would get out of my bed this week. Mondays would roll around, Caleb would roll me into see my doctor, and she would tell me lets wait another week. Go home rest, stay off your feet, and stay in bed.


My body got larger, my baby grew safely, but really my body got larger.

David was born only two weeks before his due date. December 16’ 2003, I woke up after having a dream that I was in a paddle boat out on the lake with my dad. My water broke, and I just looked at my dad like ‘“ um, we need to go.” I look over, and Caleb was awake. This, by the way, didn’t happen very often. I am a morning person. However, Caleb is not. So the odds of us waking up at the same time is slim. Caleb looks at me and tells me he just had a dream that my water broke. We laughed when I said so did I, we kind of laid back thinking that was ironic. Then my water broke. At 6:18 a.m. our lives changed. There was no maybe this is for real or maybe we should wait it out. This said, “Hey You, you’re having a baby. Right Now!” It was exhilarating. I had spent three months in bed protecting my son. Keeping him safe by keeping movement to a minimum and most definitely not rushing to get anywhere.

This time, however, I could get excited and move around quickly, well a little more quickly. I had gotten rather large, beached whale like having spent three months in bed, so my “quickly” was still well within the range of tortoise speeds. In fact, I called my parents and said, “Hey guess what.” I then “quickly” headed to the car, stopped to get food on the one-mile drive to the hospital, knowing that once I walk in the door of the hospital I will be given nothing but Ice, and my parents were there waiting for me. They live closer to six miles from the hospital. I was one fast speed daemon.

I was so fast it only took twelve more hours of labor to hold my baby boy in my arms. I know twelve hours of intense labor isn’t bad for a first time mom. In fact, some would say I was extremely lucky. I would like to point out that I had spent three months in bed with contractions before this twelve hours. I have told people in the past when asked how long I was in labor, “three months and twelve hours.”


David could not have possibly been born any more perfect. Although I didn’t enjoy bedrest, I wouldn’t raid it for the world. We named David after my father, Caleb, and his father.

Joseph David Lyons, I could not be more in love with you because I already love you more than possibly measurable.

When he was around three, he started telling me, “Momma, I love you toooo much.” My world expanded that day. Every once and a while he will still say it, this is when I know he loves me, and he knows that by using this string of words I truly know how much he loves me.

Today my son turns thirteen. I couldn’t be more proud of the man he is becoming. He is perfectly average and fantastically brilliant. He is fun and loves deeply. He is thirteen and hormonal. He is lazy and full of energy. He is diligent and forgetful, and he is mine.

My little man is growing into himself, and I am fascinated by him.

May you be fascinated by the ones God blesses you to do life with today.