Oh, what joy the snow brings my soul. This morning I woke up, and a blanket of cold frozen crystals covered the earth. I was brought back in time to a childhood lived out in the snow. In upstate New York, where I grew up, the snow begins to fall on Halloween and continues most years until Mothers Day. It may not be everyone’s favorite weather, but I loved it. I opened my curtains wide this morning because my childhood laid out in front of me. It was breathtaking.


One year, when I was ten or eleven, we had one of the largest snow storms I had ever seen. When I woke up, my mom had opened the front door so we could see what had taken place while we slept. The snow was half way up the glass door. Certainly, this was going to be a day off school because we couldn’t even leave the house. Living in a state where snow fell from the sky so regularly snow days were only granted when the transportation is snowed in. We couldn’t see the truck let alone drive it out of the driveway. There was dancing all around the house as each of us woke up. Shortly after breakfast, my mom headed out our back door because there was not snow drift on that side of the house.

The next thing I remember she was shoveling out a path to the front door. My sisters and I ran to put on our snow gear. You don’t live in the North without owning snow gear. Snowsuits and snow boots, thick gloves and hats that coordinated with heavy coats. As the door opened wide enough for us to squeeze through, we left the house. We built igloos with the neighbors with halls that connected them. Snowmen began to pop up everywhere as our mothers shoveled the driveway. It is one of my most cherished snow days.

Sadly our children have never been sledding. There have been a couple of attempts but because Oklahoma is practically flat and there is very rarely snow they have not had the hours of fun that I did at their age. My three loved every minute of the sledding right up until they could no longer feel their toes.

I remember that moment, the one when you think you are going to lose a toe if you don’t head inside. My moments came after hours of outdoor play. The credit for that goes to all that proper outdoor winter clothing. Their moment came about thirty minutes after we slid down the hill for the first time.

It was beautiful. Watching my children enjoy one of my favorite things to do as a kid. Since my birthday is in January, I had several sledding parties growing up. We would build ramps and play “dodge the sledders” or “Human Bowling” depending on if you were the sledder or the kid walking back up the hill. Twice today I watched as Caleb headed down the hill with one child in his lap another one had to run out of the way. He may or may not have aimed for them. It was priceless.


I didn’t get my intended blog out this morning, and School was cut short. We have spent most of the day curled up under blankets together watching television. Nothing about this makes me feel sad. It has been a much needed day of family fun and lots of rest.

Thank you 2017 for starting out so beautiful. Thank you, Spirit of Truth for reminding me of happy childhood moments.

May your evening be full of love, and may you be blessed with moments that build beautiful memories.